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How to Export Data Into CSV Using PHP & Mysql

Hello Friends , after a long time I am writing this tutorial . Hopefully, in future, I will write regularly in future at least twice a week. In this tutorial, we are going to learn how to export data from database in CSV format. It is a very necessary tutorial it can be beneficial in

Dynamic Country State city selection using PHP, Jquery , Mysql and Ajax

Hello, friends hoping you are liking my tutorial . In this tutorial, I am creating a simple tutorial in which you can select Country than corresponding state and city. I have the complete database of all country corresponding their state and city. This section is also used in many websites where registration of the user

Like Dislike Voting System using PHP , Mysql , Jquery , Ajax call , PDO

Hello , friends just some day back I have implemented survey system in one our web project . So, I think why not create a tutorial like that which help to get the rough idea of how to create the voting or like , dislike system . Now it is implemented in most of the

PHP MYSQL CRUD example( Using PDO connection ,bootstrap plugin and oops concept )

Hello, friends, this is my first Post on this Blogs Hope you will all like this tutorial. Please comment your feedback. This post is regarding CRUD ( Create, Read , Update , Delete ). I have used bootstrap as the frontend for designing the UI. And I have used the oops concept to do the